NGNI, News, 15. Februar 2016, Alex PhD
Rafael Schaefer from TU Berlin (Germany), Serge Fdida from the Université Pierre et Marie Curie (France), Alexander Willner from Fraunhofer FOKUS/TU Berlin (Germany), Thomas Magedanz from Fraunhofer FOKUS/TU Berlin (Germany), Piet Demeester from iMinds/Ghent University (Belgium) Fraunhofer FOKUS

Alexander Willner defended his PhD work successfully

News from Feb. 11, 2016

“Semantic-Based Management of Federated Infrastructures for Future Internet Experimentation”
The research of this thesis has focused on interoperability between heterogeneous, distributed systems. The thesis applied research originated from the Semantic Web to address the challenge of information exchange between federated testbeds for Future Internet experimentation. The thesis provides a formal information model, an abstract architecture and a proof-of-concept implementation for the semantic life cycle management of distributed experiments across multiple interfaces, data models and infrastructures.