Sep. 01, 2008 to Sep. 01, 2010

OneLab2 is a successor of the OneLab project, an open networking laboratory for integrating, testing, validating and demonstrating new fixed and wireless networking technologies in real world settings and production environments.

OneLab2 provides an open federated laboratory built on PlanetLab Europe, which supports network research for the future internet.

The project

  • operates PlanetLab Europe, the European part of the PlanetLab platform, that operates in federation with PlanetLab Central at Princeton University
  • extends PlanetLab service and supports federation with other PlanetLab infrastructures worldwide
  • integrates new features and technologies into the system, especially enhancing the network monitoring service
  • builds gateways to unusual cutting-edge networking environments
  • pushes federation models to allow for a future highly heterogeneous communication environment. OneLab2 started in September 2008 and runs for 24 months