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ITWM Robolab

With vehicles' simulation, especially commercial vehicles, properties such as energy efficiency, productivity, durability, and reliability are to be analyzed. For this purpose, all external influences on the vehicle - such as applied loads or effects caused by the operator or driver of the machine - must be taken into account and mapped as accurately as possible.

Since testing these parameters using real prototypes is very complex, interactive simulators are used. They can be used to investigate complex situations together with driver influence in detail and without risk.

Fraunhofer FOKUS has developed software for the simulator to ensure a seamless overall image of the 18 projectors' all-around projection using camera-based Projector Auto-Alignment. Eighteen render cameras are assembled geometrically with soft-edge blending in the Unity-3D-Engine. By means of a viewpoint correction (real-time dynamic viewpoint adaption), perspective distortions in the dome are corrected for the driver in real-time despite the constantly moving driver's cab, to perfect the simulation's immersion.