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ARCADIA PROJECT: 1st plenary meeting and 1st technical meeting

News from July 21, 2015

The 1st plenary meeting of the ARCADIA project took place in Berlin from 19 to 20 of May 2015. It was organized by the Technical University of Berlin (TUB). All the partners were represented and the involved people had the chance to share their knowledge and to plan their next steps in progressing the project.

ARCADIA stands for a Novel Reconfigurable By Design Highly Distributed Applications Development Paradigm Over Programmable Infrastructure.

Tools will be soon available to software developers, allowing them to take full advantage of the modern network and computer infrastructures. The majority of these infrastructures offer a wide range of configuration options and capabilities that can be programmed using the suitable commands or applications. Nowadays, the behaviour of devices and equipment can be deeply affected programmatically, concerning their energy efficiency, their flexibility in adapting to changing conditions and their functionality in general. But in most cases, this also requires a deep knowledge of vendor specific tools or technology specific parameters, while it is not humanly possible to intervene every time a new situation has arisen.

The ARCADIA platform will introduce an innovative way of addressing such issues. The basis will be a model describing all the characteristics of the infrastructure and the related actions that can be performed.

The next meeting is a technical meeting and will be held in Oslo from 6 July to 8 of July 2015. It will be organized by SINTEF.

The main issues for discussion will be the orchestrator’s functions and the ARCADIA context model.