FOKUS ELAN news 2012 Southhampton Vertrag
Jon Banfield

Joint Venture zwischen Fraunhofer Gesellschaft und der University of Southampton

News from Nov. 20, 2012

With the launch of SoFWIRed on November 19th 2012, a new collaborative venture in Web and Internet Science, Fraunhofer FOKUS and University of Southhampton will help shape the future of the World Wide Web and associated smart services and technologies.

Two of the world’s leading institutions will set the agenda of the digital age for decades through a series of activities that will lead to the development of comprehensive, interoperable platforms for data and knowledge-driven processing of open data.

One of the principal aims of the collaboration will be to develop the concept of a ‘Web Observatory’ to enable researchers to share data about how the Web and society evolve over time, analyse how it impacts on business activity and develop mechanisms and tools to enable further interpretation and analysis. The project will also investigate aspects of collective intelligence through social collaboration and crowd sourcing, dynamic web objects and internet services.