Quality assurance of component-oriented real-time systems: VERDE project will soon be completed

News from Nov. 23, 2012

In November 2012, the Verde project will be completed after a duration of three and a half years. The researcher on the project developed an iterative and incremental approach with which embedded systems with special real-time requirements can be developed. The researcher focused particularly on the validation and therefore the testing and verification.

A special combination of SysML and the Marte UML Profile was used as the modeling notation of the components-oriented design. Furthermore, special techniques for the modeling of function and timing were applied. For the testing, the researcher used special test derivation procedures, which could be integrated by means of the model-based test solution Fokus!MBT into the Verde tool chain. For the realization of the iterative approach, an integrated tool environment has been developed, which is essentially based on Eclipse. For the automation for the iterative and incremental tasks it uses the integration solution ModelBus®, which already was used in the Artmeis project CESAR successfully. Special analysis methods, that can evaluate both the system’s timing as well as the design and test model’s consistency and quality, were deployed.

In the VERDE project 19 European partners have been working on the development of a cross-domain solution, where exemplarily the domains railway, space, software radio and automotive were considered. The German sub-project was coordinated bei FZI.