Nov. 5–6, 2015 – Berlin, Germany

Martin Herbst

CEO and founder of Multikom Austria Telekom GmbH

Martin Herbst, born in 1956, has established himself in the world of telecommunications since the 70ies. In 1979 he founded his company in the range of service and hardware telecommunications. At the same time he started to operate his first telecommunications network. In the 80ies and 90ies his major focus was especially towards special-telecommunications equipment for telephone terminals, Mobile Networks, stockmarket ticker via satellite and recording systems. At the end of the 90ies his company Multikom was, in the course of the regulation of telecom markets, a pure service provider in the telecommunications sector.

Multikom Austria Telekom GmbH and it’s brand xLink are known in Austria  for innovative niche supply for telecom needs. Various solutions are built in the area of fiber optics, Cable-, DSL and increasingly microwave. Especially in the research field pioneering patents were filed in the last recent years, such as xfly - ground to air. Martin Herbst can be seen as a pioneer on the Austrian market and is known for writing his successful story regarding several innovations in niche areas.