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Nov. 9–10, 2017 – Fraunhofer FOKUS, Berlin, Germany

Sander de Kievit

TNO, The Netherlands

Sander de Kievit, MSc, is a security researcher at TNO in the Netherlands. In his work, he focusses both on monitoring and detection technologies as well as security for 5G mobile networks. As part of his job, he has been attending standardization meetings for 3GPP WG3 on Security for the last three years and has (co)authored almost 100 standardization contributions on security in mobile networks.


5G Security: Advances and Remaining Challenges

Future 5G mobile networks are supposed to cater for new use cases, leverage new technologies, and operate in new and changing environment. All of these aspects bring new challenges for securing these networks. This talk will present an overview of the changing landscape for security, discuss the new security features of 5G mobile networks, and finally discuss some challenges for the shorter and longer term.