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Unexpected flexibility among car drivers: FOKUS already uses driver’s altruism for development research

News from Jan. 17, 2013

First user studies confirm that car drivers are willing to accept longer travel times and even detours for the benefit of the community. To ensure that this cooperativeness would not be left unexploited, FOKUS is now developing automotive technologies that navigate car drivers in the interest of community.

In nation- and Europe-wide projects, researchers and developers of Fraunhofer FOKUS are working on those kind of applications and technologies targeting a balanced and ecofriendly traffic. Therefore the developments are based on the idea that car drivers are willing to follow the recommendations. The results of a current survey, realized by TU Berlin in cooperation with Fraunhofer FOKUS, indicate that proactive technologies are even popular among car drivers. The survey asked 120 car drivers about their driving habits and attitudes towards traffic: two-thirds stated, they rather drive stress-free although it takes three minutes additional driving time. 75 percent would put up with detours for the good of the general traffic situation. Those results encourage FOKUS to keep relying on collaborative communication technologies in the field of mobility.

Our competence center ASCT (Automotive Services and Communication Technologies) attempts to create a low-emission congestion-free traffic flow through early traffic warnings and recommendations via smartphone or GPS. Appropriate applications are currently tested in the project “simTD”. Since November, FOKUS is also partner of the EU-project TEAM – whose aim it is to develop and demonstrate technologies for collaborative traffic management. In concrete terms, the project will design algorithms and technologies, whereby smartphones and integrated communication-tools generate recommendations for every driver’s advantage.