Night of Science, June 2nd 2012: Fraunhofer FOKUS shows Smart Traffic Management of the Future with Model Cars

News from June 01, 2012

Autonomous and networked – small model cars quite large: Alternative drives, networked and autonomous driving cars are already tangible technologies for Smart Cities. Experience our model car landscape and let the cars drive on your command!

Visit us in the main building of the Technical University of Berlin (Straße des 17. Juni 135, 10623 Berlin).

Alternative drives and intelligent networking of all road users are important components for sustainable and environmentally compatible road transport. Empty running can be prevented and mobility needs are fulfilled simultaneously with the reduction of pollution in sensitive urban environments.

Fraunhofer FOKUS has implemented a prototype with the vehicle-to-X-communication, a system for intelligent traffic and transport management. The cars communicate wirelessly via navigation systems or smart phones in the car with an Intelligent Traffic Management Center. Thus, current traffic situation will be evaluated, pollution will be projected and recommendations for the individual vehicles can be generated.

Using vehicle-to-vehicle-communication, the cars “negotiate” the fastest way to their destination and even “speak” with street signs and traffic lights in their environment to let them switch to green light just in time. This saves time and protects the environment.

Also the lengthy search for a parking space can be eliminated: autonomous driving cabs can be called at any time by pressing a button. Decide yourself, when and where a car picks you up and where it is supposed to take you.

After the ride the cars automatically dash to the next charging station and become part of the power grid of the future. One of the major problems of electric vehicles is still the limited range. Wouldn’t it be nice, if the car itself moves to the next electric recharging point and goes back in time for the evening celebration is coming? Experience with us as well how this works.