Oct. 01, 2009 to Sep. 30, 2010

Together with their international partners, the researchers from Fraunhofer FOKUS working on the TALOS project (task-aware location based services for mobile environments) have developed a framework for mobile services which, in the future, will be able to conveniently supply static content (e.g., information text, images and maps) and dynamic content (e.g., web services) to mobile devices and connect them with each other. The goal is to extend the bandwidth of mobile content – beyond ringtones and mobile phone games – and adapt it to user behavior and situations.

The technical name for this is task computing. The technology combines the functionality of a mobile device with the individual needs of the user so that genuine content can be offered for specific tasks – rather than unsorted information. The practical benefits of the TALOS project are demonstrated by two prototypes. The first prototype is a service that enables personalized on-demand travel guides in the form of an e-book. The second prototype is an interactive travel guide for the iPhone platform which offers situation-based, task-aware static and dynamic content.