We see a Playground as a technology focused test environment, where we can “play" around, i.e. practically experiment, with the latest technologies but which is also open for research activities from other parties from academia or the industry. However, this is more than something to toy around with. It is a mature testbed featuring solid software components, and a linkage of test laboratories, where proof of concept realizations, benchmarking, interoperability tests and application trials are carried out for our partners and customers, and where components resulting from partners can be integrated and operated on demand.

We are offering

  • customized access to parts or the whole infrastructure
  • local distribution/deployment of parts of the EPC infrastructure within your environment
  • customization of the infrastructure for application trials, IOP testing or for use within R&D projects
  • product validation and interoperability testing
  • tutorials and consultancy

We are still looking for technology partners willing to complement or even extend the current infrastructure offering, so please feel free to contact us.