Nov. 5–6, 2015 – Berlin, Germany

Dr. Lutz Rauchhaupt

Deputy Head of Department ICT and Automation Senior Engineer Wireless in Automation at ifak

Lutz Rauchhaupt is with the Institut für Automation und Kommunikation e.V. Magdeburg (ifak), Germany. Currently he is Deputy Head of Department Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and Automation, and Senior Engineer Wireless in Automation.

For more than 25 years Lutz Rauchhaupt is dealing with the design and implementation of real-time communication networks. He was and still is responsible for a number of industrial and public funded projects dealing with implementation and evaluation of industrial wireless networks.

Lutz Rauchhaupt is chairman of the Technical Working Group (FA5.21) of the VDI/VDE society for Measurement and Automatic Control (GMA) which deals with wireless communication in industrial automation applications. Furthermore, he is chairman of the German Standardisation Working Group "Industrial Wireless Networks" (DIN/DKE AK 956.0.2) and works actively in working group TC 65/SC 65C/WG 16 "Wireless" and TC 65/SC 65C/WG 17 "Wireless Coexistence" of International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). Lutz Rauchhaupt is member of the committee DKE/K STD_1941 "Steering committee Industry 4.0". He initiated and chairs the Working Group DIN/DKE AK 1941.0.2 "Wireless and Industry 4.0". He is involved in the development of a Standardisation Roadmap considering Internet of Things and mobile communications for heterogeneous networks in smart factories.


Wireless Automation for Advanced Manufacturing/Industry 4.0

Wireless communication is for many years key enabler for industrial automation applications in manufacturing and process industry. Requirements and conditions for wireless data transmission are well known. However, emerging concepts of advanced manufacturing/Industry 4.0 are characterised by new demands that call for new solutions. Thus, a German research initiative supports projects that investigate wireless technologies with high demands on reliability, real-time capability and dependability. In parallel "The German Standardization Roadmap Industrie 4.0" has been developed addressing national and international standardisation activities for such wireless technologies as well as for processes within the life-cycle of industrial automation systems. This contribution will discuss a general industrial automation point of view on future wireless communication concepts. It will underline the need for cooperation between communications industry on one hand and factory and process automation as well as its costumers on the other hand. This is the precondition to develop future automation approaches based on comprehensive wireless communication technologies.