Nov. 5–6, 2015 – Berlin, Germany

Paul Conway

Engineering Director (EMEA), B+B Smartworx

Paul Conway is the Engineering Director for B+B Smartworx’ EMEA organization. Paul has been in this role for 2 years: his previous role within B+B Smartworx (B&B Electronics) was Innovation Centre Manager for the Ireland office, where he established a Centre of Excellence in embedded technology and product innovation for the company. B+B Smartworx now has patent-pending technology in development for leading-edge Industrial IoT Platforms.

Paul graduated with a BEng in Computer Engineering from the University of Limerick in 1994, and has been energised by technological and process innovations ever since. He has held many various positions in product design and development, including: Software Engineer, Lead Architect, Team Lead, Scrum Master, Project Manager, Program Manager, Centre Manager, Engineering Manager.  In his final year in university, Paul was awarded the Intel Foundation Scholarship for excellence in software engineering disciplines. Paul holds a patent for innovation in Building Area Networks, and has a number of IEEE publications.