The Model and Software Factory BIZWARE at ”embedded world 2012”

Release from Tue., February 14, 2012

At the ”embedded world 2012”, Fraunhofer FIRST will demonstrate how software can partly be generated automatically using models.

At the ”embedded world 2012”, Fraunhofer FIRST will demonstrate how software can partly be generated automatically using models. At booth 228 in hall 5, you can find out more about the ”Model and Software Factory” BIZWARE which from now on will help users to generate their software faster while avoiding faults.

Software development usually is a lengthy and error-prone process. Programmers write several million lines of code, depending on the application area. Substantial amounts of time are dedicated to quality assurance in order to guarantee the proper operation of the software at the end of the development process. Researchers at Fraunhofer and their partners have chosen a new approach in the BIZWARE project: they provide the users with a tool with which they can individually generate models for their use cases. Segments of the required software as well as test cases for verification can then be generated automatically from these models. This model-based software development process saves time, reduces or uncovers faults, and leads to a better software quality in the end.

The ”Model and Software Factory” is based on so-called domain-specific languages (DSLs). These languages are designed for a specific application area and are geared towards their respective usage. Consequently, they are easier to learn than conventional programming and modeling languages. They are used for the generation of software tools with which existing or user-designed software components can be combined in a complex software system for the individual use case. As a result of model-based development, the generated software can easier be expanded and adapted to specific purposes.

The aim of this research was to make individual domain languages and tools available to users for instance from the healthcare sector, manufacturing, or facility management which enable them to generate their own models to find specific software solutions to their problems. They, after all, know the requirements and peculiarities of their sector best.

The model-based software development process with active participation from users and automatic test case generation saves time and money during development and quality assurance.

Eight industry partners, Technische Universität Berlin, and Fraunhofer FIRST are cooperating in the BIZWARE project. The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

You are cordially invited to visit the Fraunhofer booth in hall 5, booth 228. We will gladly arrange a date and time for a personal meeting in advance.