Contact Person
Prof. Dr. Michael Klafft
Project Manager
Business Unit ESPRI
+49 30 3463-7548


Aug. 01, 2007 to Mar. 31, 2011

The aim of the SITUMET (Situation based, ubiquitous meteorological services) project was to develop an IT based platform that sorts global weather data by criteria such as origin, quality and plausibility and generates person and situation related services from this. This means that SITUMET forms the basis for a whole range of new weather products. SITUMET is co-financed by the “ZIT - Center for Innovation and Technology” of the city of Vienna and won the “Vienna Spot of Excellence” award.

Solutions for the dynamic integration and processing of data from various weather sensors were developed as part of SITUMET and are coupled with new forecast technologies.

Important functions include:

  • Collection of information from a number of heterogeneous weather sensors,
  • Collation and categorization of data (for quality assurance and processing in the forecast module),
  • Provision of all types of weather information and forecasts as a service package for a large range of potential end user applications.

The vision was a kind of building kit for weather information. In addition to the personal information supply (mobile phones and laptops), options for controlling teleinformatics (vehicle and building technology) as well as for feeding into other systems (navigation systems) and applications (Google Earth) were developed as part of the project.