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“Open Government Data Deutschland” study published

News from Aug. 10, 2012

On 27 July 2012 the Federal Ministry of the Interior has published a study on “Open Government Data Germany”. The study conducted by Fraunhofer FOKUS focuses on legal, technical and organizational issues around the disclosure of information held by public authorities (“Open Government Data”). It describes the status quo in Germany and makes recommendations for further action, especially for the technical design of an online portal, money power and license models and possible operating models. The study concludes that many administrative data may be disclosed on the basis of the already existing law - without or with only minor changes.

The core recommendation of the study has been taken up by the Federal Ministry of the Interior in order to develop and test a prototype of a comprehensive online portal. The prototype, that will link the freely available data from authorities at all levels of government is to be completed by early 2013. For those interested to be thoseThe databases of public administration, which are released for re-use, will be visible quickly and easy to use. At the same time, the Digital Agenda of the EU Commission is taken into account with its goal to provide public information, to promote the economy and increase transparency. The EU Commission is currently working to create an infrastructure for data from its member states to make it usable all across Europe. A Germany-wide Open Government Data portal would be part of this infrastructure.