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OCEAN consolidates research results from open source cloud projects

News from Feb. 26, 2015

Information on more than 70 international R&D projects about open source cloud computing software is now freely accessible on one platform. Arising from the recently completed project OCEAN, the “Open Cloud Directory” provides more transparency on available components and supporting cloud-standards.

The European Union has set itself the goal of promoting research and development related to cloud computing, especially if they follow an approach based on open source. In order to encourage cooperation between various open source cloud projects and to take advantage of synergies, the EU funded project “OCEAN – Open Cloud for Europe, JApan and beyoNd” was launched in 2012. The OCEAN project serves as an interface of collaborative research projects in the cloud computing sector. Furthermore, it aims to establish a sustainable ecosystem for open source clouds.

Events called “plugfests” provided convenient atmospheres to project teams who worked on integration and interoperability of their software. Interoperability as a central challenge for the development of a sustainable cloud-eco-system in Europe was also emphasized by the European Commission in its digital agenda. Furthermore, with the Open Cloud Directory, a portal was created that records the various projects and their emphasis and evinces possible overlaps. In this platform, projects are relatively positioned or functionally allocated in the context of leading standardization organization’s standards and reference models. In this manner, an Open Cloud Interoperability Framework is generated which serves as a road map for prospective research and development projects.

The project was led by Fraunhofer FOKUS. Further partners were Engineering Ingegneria Informatica SpA, Information-Technology Promotion Agency (IPA) as well as the OW2-Consortium.

After the conclusion of the project, FOKUS in cooperation with partners is developing the following project: a European Open Source Market Place. The project is based on the Open Cloud Directory created during OCEAN. In the AppHub project, projects that are not cloud-oriented will also be more in focus. The project aims at developing a general approach concerning the governance of open source projects which includes their introduction to markets.