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Parlay X Gateway

SOAP-based Network Abstraction API

Parlay X is a set of powerful simple and highly abstracted building blocks of telecommunication capabilities that developers and the IT community can both quickly comprehend and use to generate new, innovative applications. FOKUS provides for most of these industry-standard APIs, now defined by the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA), the software suite OpenSE (Open Service Enablers for Parlay X Interfaces). OpenSE implements a Parlay X gateway providing service access to OMA service enablers and IMS call and conference related functionality as depicted in the following figure:



  • OpenSE provides the following functionality: SOAP-based Programming interfaces, easy to understand and easy to use
  • Telco specific Web Services for Web Applications in a SOA world
  • Network Abstraction of Next Generation Network Infrastructures
  • Hiding complex IMS protocols from the developer (SIP,  Diameter, and XCAP)

The following building blocks are supported:

  • Call Control (Third Party Call, Multimedia Conference, Audio Call)
  • Messaging (Instant Messaging, SMS)
  • Presence
  • Location
  • Terminal Status
  • Address List Management
  • Multimedia Multicast Session Management

For more technical details and example services created on top of OpenSE, visit our developer portal. If you are interested in our network abstraction component OpenSE, please contact us at
opense [at] opensoaplayground [dot] org

Interesting Links:


  • OMA Parlay Service Access (PSA V1.0)

  • OMA Next Generation Service Interfaces (NGSI V1.0)


  • Parlay X specifications (3GPP)

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