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Publications 2008

Books and Articles

O.Friedrich, Adel Al-Hezmi, Robert Seeliger, Stefan Arbanowski, IMS based IPTV, chapter in: IMS Handbook: Concepts, Technologies, and Services, Editors: Mohammad Ilyas and Syed Ahson, Taylor & Francis, New York, 2008

C. Riede, A. Al-Hezmi, T. Magedanz: Quadruple Play - Session Management Enabler for Multimedia Streaming,
16th IST Mobile & Wireless Communications Summit, Budapest, Hungary, July 1-5, 2007, IEEE Catalog Number: 07EX1670C, ISBN 978-963-8111-66-1

Conferences and Workshops

C.Riede, O. Friedrich, R. Seeliger, S. Arbanowski: "Interactive IMS-based IPTV - plunge into the reality game show", International Conference on Internet Multimedia Services Architecture and Applications - IMSAA, Bangalore, India, December 12-12, 2008

FOKUS IMS Workshop 2008; 6th-7th November 2008 Berlin
Workshop IMS and Converged Media Services - Challenges and Opportunities for Operator, Content Provider and Advertising Industry, S. Arbanowski, O. Friedrich, C. Riede

First International Conference on Designing Interactive User Experiences for TV and Video - uxtv 2008
: Interactive Live Demonstration on NGN based IPTV - Oliver Friedrich, Robert Seeliger, Benjamin Zachey, Christian Riede, Stefan Arbanowski; October 22 - 24, 2008 Silicon Valley (San Francisco Bay Area), California, USA

EuroiTV 2008 - European interactive TV Conference
 O. Friedrich, R. Seeliger, A. Al-Hezmi, C. Riede, S.Arbanowski: Prototyping interactive and personalized IPTV-services on top of open IMS infrastructures July 3-4, 2008, Salzburg Austria http://conference.icts.sbg.ac.at/www.euroitv2008.org/confschedule.html

ICCE 2008 - Second International Conference on Communications and Electronics
Oliver Friedrich, Adel Al-Hezmi, Stefan Arbanowski,Thomas Magedanz, Nguyen Huu Thanh: Enabling Multimedia Services over Distrituted NGN June 04-06, 2008, HoiAn, Vietnam http://www.hut-icce.org/2008

ICDT 2008 - The Third International Conference on Digital Telecommunications
O. Friedrich, R. Seeliger, A. Al-Hezmi, S. Arbanowski, T. Magedanz: "Service Discovery & Selection for Next Generation IPTV environments" June 29 - July 5, 2008 - Bucharest, Romania http://www.iaria.org/conferences2008/ICDT08.html

HSI 2008 - Conference on Human System Interaction
Next Generation Computer Supported Collaborative Media Environments; O.Friedrich, R. Seeliger, A. Al-Hezmi S. Arbanowski: "User Equipment for converged IPTV & Telecommunication Services in Next Generation Networks"  May 25-27, 2008, Krakow, Poland http://hsi.wsiz.rzeszow.pl/index.php

Innovations in NGN - Future Network and Services An ITU-T Kaleidoscope Event
 A. Al-Hezmi1, C. Riede, O. Friedrich, S. Arbanowski, T. Magedanz: "CROSS-FERTILIZATION OF IMS AND IPTV SERVICES OVER NGN" May 12-13, 2008 - Geneva, Switzerland http://www.itu.int/ITU-T/uni/kaleidoscope/

ICN 2008 - The Seventh International Conference on Networking
O. Friedrich, R. Seeliger, S. Arbanowski: "Interactive and personalized Services for an open IMS-based IPTV infrastructure" April 13-18, 2008 - Cancun, Mexico http://www.iaria.org/conferences2008/ICN08.html

BCN 2008 - The 3rd IEEE International Workshop on Broadband Convergence Networks
 O. Friedrich, R. Seeliger, S. Arbanowski: "IPTV User Equipment for IMS-based streaming services - Prototyping second generation, standardized IPTV" April 11, 2008, Salvador, Brazil; https://www.gprt.ufpe.br/bcn2008/

Mobile Multimedia Communications 2008 T. Magedanz: "Architectures and Service Enablers for Quadplay",  Keynote at Mobile Multimedia Communications 2008 - Quadplay evolution  – impacts of NGN and Web 2.0 enabled mobile IPTV, HHI, Berlin,  Germany, 2-3 April 2008, http://mmc08.hhi.de

Tridentcom 2008 - 4th International Conference on Testbeds and Research Infrastructures for the Development of Networks & Communities
A. Al-Hezmi, O. Friedrich, S. Arbanowski, T. Magedanz: "Interactive Multimedia Services over Open NGN Testbed" March 17-20, 2008, Hotel Grauer Baer, Innsbruck, Austria http://www.tridentcom.org/

Tutorials and Speeches

Ringvorlesung "Medienproduktion im Wandel"
Stiftungsverbundkollegs Berlin der Alcatel-Lucent Stiftung „Szenarien für die Medienwelt von Morgen“, Dr. Stefan Arbanowski; 17th December 2008, Potsdam, Germany

Deutsche Telekom - WebTech 2008
"Open Platforms for interactive IPTV and Widget oriantated Web 2.0 Service Integration", O. Friedrich; 26th November 2008, Deutsche tTelekom, Darmstadt, Germany

Triple Play and the move to Quadplay 2008
Analysing the impact of bundling media and communication - Can it reduce cost and lower churn? 28th - 30th October 2008, BSG Conference Centre, 226-236 City Road, London, EC1V 2TT, United Kingdom http://www.visiongain.com/Conference.aspx?cid=104

AGF Forum 2008 - Arbeitsgemeinschaft Fernsehforschung
"Alles auf den Bildschirm - Das Media Interoperability Lab" - Dr. Stefan Arbanowski; 29. September 2008, Dorint Hotel Wiesbaden

IFA 2008 - "your Media X.0" - Technisch-Wissenschaftliches Forum
"Interaktive und personalisierte Zusatzinformationen im IPTV" – Robert Seeliger; 29. August 2008 Berlin

IFA 2008 - "your Media X.0" - Technisch-Wissenschaftliches Forum
Podiumsdiskussion: "IPTV Over The Top - Innovative Dienste und Businessmodelle" - Oliver Friedrich; 29. August 2008 Berlin

NMI 2008 - Neue Medien der Informationsgesellschaft

"Film, Fernsehen und Computer / Medien, Computer, Content 2.0“; Dipl.-Ing. Oliver Friedrich: „Interaktives, personalisiertes und konvergentes IPTV in Next Generation Networks“; July 8-10, 2008, Berlin, Germany; http://www.verbundkolleg-berlin.de/NMI%202006/content/index.html

IQPC - 4th Annual European Conference IPTV 2008

1st-2nd April 2008, Berlin "Beyond IPTV: NGN based interactive services"; Robert Seeliger

Deutsche TV Plattform
”Frameworks & Standards for IPTV - An Outlook & Tutorial on 2nd Generation IPTV deployments”; Oliver Friedrich; March 2008, Berlin , Germany

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